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Sisley Paris Introduces Neuraé: A New Neuroscience-Based Skincare Brand

In 50 years, Sisley Paris has not launched a new brand. Neurae incorporates technology from the future

Sisley Paris, a renowned beauty brand, has unveiled Neuraé, its first new brand in nearly five decades. Neuraé focuses on the “powerful link between the skin and emotions,” drawing inspiration from cutting-edge neuroscientific research.

Neuraé aims to provide “innovative and effective” solutions for dull, tired, or tense skin that exhibits signs of premature aging. The brand categorizes its products by specific concerns such as lack of firmness, radiance, wrinkles, and fine lines, each associated with different emotions: Harmonie, Energie, Joie, and Serenite.

“Emotions create a profound connection between our skin and brain. Understanding this relationship offers new tools to combat the environmental impacts of time on our skin, providing both emotional and skincare benefits. This insight forms the foundation of our pioneering scientific approach to beauty,” the company stated.

Innovative Neuroscientific Approach

Sisley Group Laboratories have pinpointed the ways in which tiredness, sadness, and stress affect skin appearance. Through their research, they discovered three neuromodulative components that can positively influence both skin and mood under these emotional conditions.


Neuraé’s formulations include active ingredients designed to “promote positive messengers and limit negative ones on the skin.” Key ingredients include red indigo to reduce fatigue, alpine skullcap extract to enhance skin wellbeing, and eperua extract to combat inflammation.


The collection features four scents, each crafted with essential oils and fragrance compounds chosen for their aromatherapeutic properties, intended to elicit the desired emotional response.


The textures of Neuraé products are designed to provoke an emotional reaction, enhancing the overall skincare experience.

Sustainable and Natural Ingredients

Neuraé’s product range includes serums, creams, and boosters, all formulated with 95% natural ingredients. These ingredients are sourced from organic plants or byproducts, grown with sustainable irrigation methods, and extracted using innovative, eco-friendly technologies.

Accessible Luxury

Neuraé products are priced more affordably than those of its sister brand, Sisley Paris. This launch represents a significant milestone for the French family-owned business, which has not introduced a new brand since its founding in 1976 by Hubert and Isabelle d’Ornano.

Sisley Paris is celebrated for its luxury skincare products, which are known for their effectiveness and sensory appeal, leveraging high-quality natural ingredients.

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