EXCLUSIVE: Revealing the Codes for Ethical AI. NASA Report on our Inventions

One of the TOP AI speakers in the world, Matthew Bailey, presents an EXCLUSIVE report he did for NASA on Artificial Intelligence

Furthermore, the learning provides valuable insight for those who wish to embrace the age of Ethical AI and look to benefit from an intelligence-centric ethical partnership between humans and artificial systems.

We invite you to read the following introductory material to set the stage for the NASA Ethical AI Report.

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As our organization and leadership began its journey on the ethics of AI, we posed many searching questions, developed methods, and tested them in various social and technical environments. With experimentation and validation, we believe that we have begun to crack the ethical codes for AI and uncovered a blueprint for organizations, individuals, and society to build their own ethical framework for artificial intelligence.

As we observed our world, we found that there were several types of ethical AI measurement systems. Surprisingly, none of them provided a sovereign, individually customizable, transparently measurable solution which accurately reflects AI ethical compliance to the world-view of the entity they are representing. 

AIEthics.World is leader in AI Ethical Compliance.

Using our development blueprint, beginning with organic intelligence, enables us to apply an equivalent prescription to create an ethical artificial intelligence, one that represents the ethical declarations of its owner. This is what we can truly call “Ethical AI.”

Ethical AI is a cultural-centric intelligence that caters for a depth and diversity of unique world-views, enabling capabilities to authentically align ethical and moral goals of machines with the ethical and moral goals of humans. The power of Ethical AI is to advance our species into trusted freedoms of unlimited potential and possibilities.  

However, this cannot occur when Ethical AI structures are designed based on and dependent on the tooling, telemetry, and metrics of information systems. The capability must be designed from the human ethical goal framework down. AIEthics.World takes the approach of top-down design to drive the necessary fundamental changes into Ethical AI metrics and information systems.

Throughout the global AI ecosystem, there is much dialogue and important work attempting to apply AI Ethics to AI. What is deeply troubling is the incumbent institutional and technology-centric mindset of enforcing one world-view to suit all. This is a mechanistic view of life and prevents the unlocking of the ethical codes for a new intelligence. Existing solutions for ethical AI design and measurements are a brittle and Boolean miscalculation, which can only lead to the deletion of our diversity and a false authentic alignment of machines with humans. 

It is our assertion that existing ethical AI solutions, design, and measurement systems prevent the laying of a trusted foundation for human species to confidently advance into the age of ethical machines. The human culture, individual or organizational ethical goals, foundations, and social framework are missing from the implementation of these ethical types of AI systems. In essence, they lack the necessary congruence to authentically align and build a trusted human and AI ethical foundation and ensure their continuous and compliant operation.

If we continue to go down the technical-centric path, the result will be a misstep for humankind, by deleting the opportunity for the richness of human, cultural, societal, and organizational ethical blueprints being genuinely applied to the artificial.

The logical conclusion is that these hardware, software, and data driven AIs lack the necessary ethical blueprints to be classified as a truly legitimate form of an Ethical AI.

The enclosed workshop report describes NASA’s experience with our philosophy and practical methodologies. We look forward to working with you and your organization to create a thriving relationship with your future Ethical AI system.

NASA was the Choice of Excellence

For those readers who operate at the pioneering edge of innovation and new technologies, mindful consideration of how to integrate new philosophies, technical solutions, and inventions into the world is fundamental. The quality of the tools, education, and workshops must equip organizational strategies and processes to thrive within a new ethical experience. The choice made will determine a winning or losing strategy, especially in a global environment where social responsibility is deemed an ethical factor.

The book, Inventing World 3.0: Evolutionary Ethics for Artificial Intelligence™, lays the foundation for the new concepts, methods, and capabilities to create a resonating message on our view on Ethical AI. As we started to reveal a fraction of our new thought leadership to the world, there was remarkable interest, as well as some pushback as other ethical types of World-views, such as responsible AI, trustworthy AI, and explainable AI capabilities grew from existing systems and software, or from a more algorithmic source.

Negative reinforcement was an incredibly useful datapoint for us, as we realized that others are missing a large portion of the solution and had not considered the starting point of individuals, society, and organizations for the Ethics of AI. 

We believe that using the power of intent is an effective force in mastering leadership. Our leadership team focuses on building a global organization that can be trusted and respected by the world. Thanks to a series of serendipitous events and the extraordinary leadership of Ed McLarney (Digital Transformation Lead for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning – NASA), we found synergy with NASA as the organization to pilot our workshop, philosophy, and methodology and prove the ability for a globally admired organization to thrive within the age of Ethical AI.

NASA is one of the most respected technical and socially conscious organizations in the world, operating at the pioneering edge of innovation on Earth and in Space. This organization is abundant with a wealth of technical leaders specializing in materials, technologies, systems, space stations, moon cities, and rocket ships! The mission of NASA is to launch humankind into places we have never gone before. A perfect match. They were willing to experimentally apply our methods all the way from organization principles to qualification, quantification, measurement, and visual classification of Ethical AI alignment. 

Note: In the report, NASA respected our intellectual property, and we did theirs. We hold all readers to this high standard and welcome collaboration.

Note: The enclosed report and article is NOT a commercial, organizational, or public endorsement by NASA of or the Ethical AI methodologies we implemented during the workshop. Please refer to the disclaimers in the NASA document.

Some New Terms

In the report, you will discover our approach to Ethical AI. While we do not discuss the details on our process of applied methods, there is plenty of information and knowledge for you to understand our approach to Ethical AI. 

There are a few terms worth sharing prior to reading the report. Some of these are new for the era of AI and have been refined since the NASA workshop. 

Ethical AI Futures Methodology™ – revolutionary process invented by AIEthics.World that enables an organization or nation to codify their world-view for humans and machines and then scientifically measure the degree of compliance of any AI to that world-view. Leveraging human capabilities to search for truth and evolution of the Alan Turing test, in this case defining and measuring the “ethical quality” of an AI.

World-View – A set of moral and ethical principles codified by an organization or civilization that describes their view of the world – a chronicle of their culture and purpose. A World-View assists an organization or civilization to translate their perspective into a codified constitution for the age of humans and machines.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Constitution – A living document that is created from an organization’s World-view, defining its “cultural essence” via a set of principles consisting of the morals, ethics, and values for artificial intelligence and its service for organic life to thrive – AI Cultural Principles (see Inventing World 3.0). 

This defines the foundation and purpose for human and machine realities both on Earth and in Space. The AI Constitution provides the bedrock to leverage the Ethical AI Certification and Maturity Model™. This results in the creation of Ethical AI and uses assessment and classification methodologies to measure and monitor the ethical quality of artificial intelligences deployed within a civilization or organization.

Ethical AI Certification and Maturity Model™ – A framework, methodology and processes invented by AIEthics.World to equip organizations to set a consistent standard for guiding the ethical behavior and standards for artificial intelligences. The Ethical AI Certification and Maturity Model™ enables organizations to build a sustainable and measurable foundation that protects, nourishes and matures ethical-centric futures for humans and machines, as codified within their AI Constitution and World-view.

Ethical AI – any artificial intelligence that has been constructed and matured using The Ethical AI Certification Maturity Model™ to direct its compliance to a specific World-view defined by a nation, society, culture or organization using the principles, ethics, and values (AI Constitution) describing the human-machine partnership.

Ethical AI Genealogy™ – A term defined by AIEthics.World. Analogous to human genealogy and genome. It enables the identification and definition of the ethical genome for artificial intelligence and its genealogy consisting of multiples of ethical aspects, as such forming Ethical AI that is based on the AI Constitution. 

The Ethical AI Certification and Maturity Model™ enables the ethical conditions of the ethical aspects for an artificial intelligence to be measured and assessed regarding the status of its ethical quality. Ethical AI Genealogy enables identification of the insights to the necessary and mandatory traceability of content, data, metrics, telemetry, elements, and structures which are used in the AI’s lifecycle to ensure that the AI is Ethical in all steps of its lifecycle.

Cultural AI Genealogy™ – equivalent to the Ethical AI Genealogy™, this time with a specific focus on embodying the culture (world-view) of a nation, society, philosophy, organization or industry to shepherd the cultural quality of their AI and ensure its alignment with their human culture – Cultural AI.

Ethical AI Quality – The ethical conditions of an artificial intelligence as measured, assessed, and classified by The Ethical AI Certification and Maturity Model™.

Ethical AI Medal™ – a visual output implemented by AIEthics.World that describes in colors the conditions of the ethical qualities of an AI and its overall ethical quality score.

Note: Some of these terms might seem complex. However, we provide introductory documentation and provide instruction during a workshop in easy-to-understand terms so that all stakeholders can easily participate in developing Ethical AI. We believe in inclusivity and democratization for the age of Ethical AI. The NASA report documents a wide variety of stakeholders included in the workshop, as well as AI leaders and AI Ethics experts.

As Einstein said, “Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler.

A Few Points from the Report

You will find a wealth of noteworthy information and points to draw from the report, in addition to the recommendations and conclusions documented. We are sure you will enjoy reading those! For now, there are a few points worth drawing out of the mix.

Setting an Authentic Global Standard in Ethical AI

Our world has developed an ethical and cultural continuum within the organic. We urgently need one for the artificial.

In the report, there is a call to action for a new global standard in Ethical AI. An agile computing continuum and foundation for our world, equipping it to head in the same direction whilst catering for the diversity of world-views. 

This is critical if every person and group of humans is to be sovereign and thrive in the age of AI. We believe that this is the right thing to do. Our solution and capabilities are setting in motion strategies and plans for Ethical AI standards to be developed and adopted world-wide. We welcome fellow contributors. 

Terminology – Ethical AI via Cultural AI

During the workshop, there was a conversation with an individual who did not warm to the term Ethical AI. This was a great conversation to have. Too often, we observe the beauty of ethics being religiously twisted by individuals who have forgotten this wonderful revelation: ethics originates from the remarkable gift of our consciousness, a precious treasure we all have.

Furthermore, every person, society, organization, philosophy, and spiritual tradition has a wealth of diverse world-views (cultural essence) that are defined by a non-Boolean richness of ethics, morals, purpose, and goals. 

After a discussion, we found common ground and the term “Cultural AI” was preferred. This makes good sense. Ethical AI and Cultural AI are intertwined and are one and the same. Ethics and Culture originate from a common Source—our consciousness.

Both Ethical AI and Cultural AI are mentioned on 275 pages in the discourse “Inventing World 3.0”.  Our website has published blogs and videos about Cultural AI, including on-going company research and development.

Getting Ahead in Ethical AI 

It is critical that societies and organizations build and ensure conformance of their ethical or cultural digital foundation for the age of AI.  The benefit for those that take the leap into this new age of ethical intelligence will have the confidence to trust machines as authentic representatives to rapidly progress their human societies, their customers, and their market presence into thriving and sustainable futures. 

As the saying goes….“Fortune favors the bold.”

Therefore, it is our pleasure to offer a repeat of the NASA Workshop, as we have done for other organizations, to your nation, culture, organization, or industry to help you get ahead in the age of Ethical AI. 

This workshop is also ideal for those organizations working in Responsible AI, Trustworthy AI, and Explainable AI to advance into Ethical AI. You will find this experience of tremendous value.  

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Special Thanks

As a final remark and from the bottom of our hearts, we thank Ed McLarney (NASA) and Doug Stanley (President of the National Institute of Aerospace) for their remarkable support, courage, and leadership in making the workshop and report possible. 

At the end of the workshop, participants were asked to use one or two words to describe their experience and views on the Ethical AI Methodologies. 

Some of the words used were truly encouraging: Interesting; Engaging; Curious; Insightful; Structure; Incremental Progress; Eye Opening; Historical Significance; Gratitude; Energized; Encouraged;

What you will read in the report is the tip of iceberg in Ethical AI. By working together, we can collectively take the giant leap into the age of ethical machines.

Click the following link to go to the NASA report and citation – The NASA Event Report for The Ethical Artificial Intelligence Quantification Workshop

by Matthew James Bailey (President AIEthics.World);

Katalin KB Walcott (CTO AIEthics.World);

Maria MacAndrew (COO AIEthics.World);

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