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Monaco Yacht Show 2024: A Celebration of Elegance and Innovation

Celebrating its 33rd anniversary in 2024, the Monaco Yacht Show (MYS) has firmly established itself as a cornerstone event for superyachting aficionados worldwide. Since its inception in 1991, Port Hercule in Monaco has been transformed annually into a grand showcase of elegance and innovation, bringing together the latest and most anticipated superyachts of the year. The MYS not only embodies the essence of superyachting but also stands as the premier global marketplace for yacht purchases and rental projects.

Explore the Trends

Each year, the world’s elite builders and brokers present over 120 superyachts and around sixty luxury tenders at the MYS. These vessels, all vying for sophistication and refinement, reflect the latest market trends and innovations. Among the major units on display, around forty new launches each year showcase cutting-edge designs and technological advancements. With an average fleet length of 50 meters and some mega yachts exceeding 100 meters, the MYS offers a collection of superyachts like no other. 

Beyond the yachts themselves, the show features exceptional vehicles, products, and craftsmanship that contribute to the unique art of superyachting. From bespoke interiors to state-of-the-art marine technology, visitors can explore the myriad elements that make yachting an unparalleled experience.

The Ultimate for Your Project

The Monaco Yacht Show is not just about viewing magnificent vessels; it’s about turning dreams into reality. The show provides an unparalleled platform to meet the top designers, naval architects, equipment manufacturers, builders, maritime brokers, and other market experts. With over 560 exhibitors recognized for their excellence and innovation, attendees have access to the best in the industry.

At the MYS, you can engage with professionals who can help realize your yachting project, whether it’s a new build, a refit, or a charter arrangement. The show also highlights the latest technologies and sustainable solutions aimed at making yachting more environmentally friendly, ensuring that luxury does not come at the cost of our planet.

A Unique Environment

Monaco and yachting share a timeless history. The Principality has long been a natural destination for the global elite and a favorite among yachting enthusiasts. Today, the glamorous and festive atmosphere of Monaco enhances the MYS experience, allowing visitors to dive into a world of refinement and exclusivity.

The show’s unique environment provides not just an exhibition, but an extraordinary experience that shapes the yachting industry of tomorrow. Attendees can enjoy the picturesque setting of Monaco, with its luxurious amenities and vibrant nightlife, making the MYS an event that is as much about lifestyle as it is about superyachts.


The Monaco Yacht Show 2024 promises to be another spectacular edition, celebrating the pinnacle of super-yachting elegance and innovation. Whether you are in the market for a new yacht, looking to rent, or simply wish to experience the latest trends in the industry, the MYS offers an unmatched opportunity. As the show marks its 33rd anniversary, it continues to set the standard for luxury and excellence, reinforcing Monaco’s status as the ultimate destination for yachting enthusiasts.

Nylaaj’a Wilks

Nylaaj’a Wilks- Fashion Editor Nylaaj’a is an entrepreneur in the fashion industry. She is poised to revolutionize the world of customizable lingerie as the developer of Build-a-Bra. Her specialization in intimate apparel brings a unique perspective to the world of fashion. She has delved deep into the realm of bras- exploring everything from fabric composition to design innovation. Her journey has led her to participate in esteemed programs like the FABRIC School of Frock, and the Phoenix Fashion Week Emerging Designer Bootcamp, where she honed her skills and refined her vision for intimate wear. Through initiatives like Hustle PHX, she’s also gained invaluable insights into business development, and tools to bring innovative and creative aspirations to life. From attending workshops, to devouring webinars, she dedicates herself to mastering every facet of the bra industry.

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