Author: sean-star

The Michael Lorber Team at Douglas Elliman Expands to Palm Beach

Douglas Elliman Realty, one of the largest independent residential real estate brokerages in the United States, announced today that The Michael Lorber Team, one of the firm’s leading teams in New York City and the Hamptons, has officially expanded its business into the vital South Florida market, where it will begin servicing clients in Palm Beach.

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Why Texas Attorneys Earn More, & Spend More: An Examination of Factors Influencing These Record-Breaking Earnings

Texas, renowned for its vast landscapes and cultural heritage, also stands out as a lucrative region for legal professionals. Attorneys in Texas often find themselves earning more than their peers in many other states. This salary disparity is not arbitrary but is influenced by several interrelated factors, including economic vitality, industry diversity, population dynamics, legal market competition, and lifestyle considerations. Understanding these factors provides a comprehensive picture of why Texas attorneys command higher salaries.

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