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Donald Trump Sells His Cessna Citation X for 2.5 MILLION

In 1991, the Citation X model was the fastest business jet when Trump acquired it

Former President Donald Trump has reportedly sold his renowned Cessna Citation X. The aircraft was bought by a significant Republican donor, who is also a real estate developer based in Dallas, Texas.

Trump continues to operate a Boeing 757 business jet, making the Citation X less essential. This sale follows closely on the heels of a court ruling that resulted in a $454 million fine against Trump.

For several years, Donald Trump managed a small fleet of aircraft before his presidency. According to the Trump Organization, his current fleet includes a Boeing 757 business jet and several Sikorsky S76 helicopters. The Cessna Citation X, his first aircraft purchased in 1991, was part of this fleet until recently. At the time of purchase, the Citation X was the fastest business jet in the world.

The sale of Trump’s Citation X is believed to have taken place in March, with an approximate sale price of $2.5 million, as reported by AIN Online. Depending on usage, Citation X jets can fetch up to $12 million, although Global Air lists the average price at just under $6 million, specifically $5,795,000.

Factors influencing the sale price include the jet’s maintenance history, the condition of its systems and interior, and the number of landings. According to AIN Online, Trump’s Citation X had accumulated over 11,500 flight hours.

Sold to a Dallas Real Estate Developer

The aircraft was officially sold in March to MM Fleet Holdings LLC, whose agent is Mehrdad Moayedi, as per Open Corporates.

Moayedi is a well-known real estate developer in Dallas and serves as the President and CEO of Centurion American Development Group, a real estate development firm.

Federal Election Commission (FEC) records show that Moayedi has donated several thousand dollars to Republican candidates. Notably, in 2019 and 2020, he contributed nearly $250,000 to the Trump political action committee (PAC) known as Trump Victory.

Beyond his support for Trump’s campaign, Moayedi has made over 200 additional contributions to various PACs, including more than $100,000 to the Republican National Committee PAC and $50,000 to the Cruz 20 For 20 Victory Fund PAC.


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