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On 25th April, Hermès is delighted to open its second store in Mumbai at the Jio World Plaza Mall, located in the heart of the city – a contemporary and lively district. The opening of this third store in India reaffirms Hermès’ relationship with the country since 2008. The captivating design, which draws inspiration from the city’s electric style and vibrant local culture, can be explored inside and out – from the astonishing windows that capture the imagination to the joyful interior spaces that welcome the sixteen métiers of the house.

Set on the first floor of the gallery, the metal façade is cloaked in colours that dance from sun-drenched orange to deep shades of blue. The kinetic effect evokes clouds of pigment tossed through the air during the Indian Festival celebrating colours and spring. The entrance leads visitors inside a spacious, open plan salon where silks are on display alongside fashion jewelry and the home universe as well as perfume and beauty. In the centre, watches and leather goods are unveiled beside jewelry collections enclosed by bamboo veneer marquetry walls in a deep blue hue inspired by the housing in the city of Jodhpur. At the rear, the men’s and women’s universes feature fabric-covered walls, hand embroidered by a local atelier in a turmeric-hued motif reminiscent of the shadow-dotted streets of the city. Fitting rooms and a private salon offer added comfort and privacy. The three areas of the store are delineated by bronze arcades inspired by Indian palaces.

The design, envisaged by the Parisian architecture agency RDAI, illuminates a graphic sense of place using colour and detailed craftsmanship in contemporary and welcoming surroundings. A kaleidoscopic palette unfolds inside, from earthy tones of the stucco walls and stone floors with Jaipur-inspired azure accents that enliven the Faubourg mosaic. Like waves of colour, a gradient of cloth threads unfurls, forming a carpeted path from the centre to the back of the store, where the hues transition gracefully from warm oranges to sapphire blue.

To complement the decor, naturalistic prints, and illustrations from the Émile Hermès collection mingle alongside original contemporary works, such as an Indian forest by the Belgian photographer Harry Gruyaert or a lithograph by the French artist Christian Babou, among others. In celebration of this opening, visitors are invited to step into the world of the Indian art director and film maker Aradhana Seth, who created the window installation Faubourg in an Enchanted Forest, inspired by Gond art from the province of Madhya Pradesh as well as stories and designs from various Hermès objects.

In this sensorial and lively city, Hermès invites loyal customers and new visitors to discover the breadth and modernity of its collections in an inspiring and embracing environment that combines unfettered creativity with exceptional know-how. Since 1837, Hermès has remained faithful to its artisan model and its humanist values. The freedom to create, the spirit of innovation, the constant search for beautiful materials, the transmission of savoir-faire of excellence, and the aesthetic of functionality all forge the singularity of Hermès, a house of objects created to last. An independent, family-owned company which encompasses 16 métiers, Hermès is dedicated to keeping the majority of its production in France through its 60 production and training sites and to developing its network of 294 stores in 45 countries. The group employs 22,000 people worldwide, including 13,700 in France, of which nearly 7,300 are craftspeople*. Axel Dumas, a sixth-generation family member, has been Hermès CEO since 2013. Founded in 2008, the Fondation d’entreprise Hermès supports projects in the areas of artistic creation, education, training and the transmission of savoir-faire, biodiversity, and the preservation of the environment.

* As of 31st December 2023.

A15, Bharat Insurance Building , Horniman Circle, Fort ,Mumbai, 400001, India

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